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Montreal, friday January 21st 2000

This morning, at around 10:30, in the Salon des Huîtres of the Intercontinental Hotel in Montreal, Québec, Canada, Joyce Groote, president of BIOTECanada and also president of the World Coalition of the Biotechnology Industry, got our sweet natural cream pie at the opening of the conference on the biosecurity protocol being held in Montreal until January 28th.

Miss Groote doesn`t have to worry: our genetically modified pie was tested on a dozen other guinea-pigs before her. We've added to this pie a democracy gene, a respect of the natural world gene, and finally a gene that will heal the divine superiority complex over nature. Isn`t the desire for improving the vegetal world, the animal world, and now the human world an insanity? These capitalo-scientists, financed by public funds (fiscal treatement in Canada for research and development in this sector is the best among industrial countries) are forcing their frankenfood on us - we`re lab rats - without any public consultation or debate. What about the transnationals in this industy coalition (2300 of them in 130 countries, like the infamous Monsanto that won`t even serve frankenfood in its own cafeteria!) that are using a "profit" gene while patenting all forms of life?

60 to 75% of all processed food in our supermarkets contain GMOs. BIOTECanada is proposing a new form of "voluntary labelling" - please, we`re foolish but not stupid - this measure was implemented years ago! No one yet has had the courage to use it. This is not a surprise to us. The Entartistes, pionners as usual, have just offered the very first product in North America being voluntarely labelled as transgenic: behind the dessert plate was written the word "Biotarte" (Biopie).

We now wish that the industry will be inspired by our pro-active action because we need to know what is going into our stomachs.

This pie is being dedicated to those that are taking part in biotech resistance all around our beautiful spaceship called "Planet Earth."

The Pie is the Limit!
Que Qui Peut Puisse!