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10:05 AM: You are entering the Pie-Light Zone

Montreal, Friday January 28th 2000

This morning, on the last day of the Conference on Biosafety, at exactly 10:05 AM, and for the third time in a week, the merry pies flew in the face of GE food promoters. This time, it was John Herity of Environment Canada that tasted the citizenís pastry uprising.

Herity, Co-chair of the Canadian Delegation (paid by our money) but representing the Miami group (to make money), was surrounded by Greenpies delivery agents who are committed to a world where pigs and chickens do not mate, where CEOs and governemments do not mate because, when they do, their offspring (like the WTO) are deformed and mutated.

We would like to thank the Canadian Government who lets us grow genetically engineered pies (specially designed for politicians and businesspeople) in the fields of this country. Those pies do contaminate other natural pastries, but hey, this is science advancement weíre talking about!

We, at Greenpies, testify that GE pies are good for CEOs and government officials who want us to eat their genetic experiment. This is our way of sharing with them the frankenfood buffet being served to the people.

Bon Appétit!

The Pie is the Limit!
Que Qui Peut Puisse!