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A Cream Come True

August 16, 2000,

At noon today Jean Chretien received a celebratory cream pie in the lobby of the PEI Civic Centre to Commemorate Old Home Week. Members of the PEI Pie Brigade braved the infamous "Shawinigan handshake" in order to offer a Roundup Ready Frankencreampie to Jean Chretien, the first head of state to receive the distinction of being pied. One onlooker said "I think the pie thrower should receive a trophy instead of handcuffs." The pie thrower was arrested, taken to the Charlottetown Police Station, charged with assault, and released after being brought before a Justice of the Peace this afternoon. The next court date was set for August 31.

While there are a multitude of reasons to pie Chretien, this action was intended specifically to highlight and criticize the roles of Chretien and his government in pushing unlabelled, untested frankencrops on this country and the world. The Canadian Government has given many millions of dollars to the biotech industry, rubber stamped their crops without independent testing, and Chretien flies around the world to try to pressure countries like France to accept these untested genetic technologies.

While countries around the world are turning their backs on GE crops and foods, the federal government is increasing their public relations offensive to convince citizens of so-called "benefits" while denying the risks. This "creaminal" behavior has forced the PEI Pie Brigade into action.

In 1998, Chretien compared getting pied to getting a reward or a "prize" which many other personalities have already received. He used Bill Gates as a brilliant example of the kind of important person to receive such a high distinction. We will now see whether Chretien accepts this "prize" in good humor, or if he will overreact like Stephane Dion and continue to pursue charges (with an election in the near future).

From 5-7 PM today, Chretien is also scheduled to attend an ice cream social at the home of Solicitor General Lawrence MacAuley in St. Peters. The PEI Pie Brigade wishes people across the country a happy pie season (also known as election season) and encourages others to show their dissatisfaction with this corporate financed electoral system.

For more information contact: peipiebrigade@hotmail.com

The PEI Pie Brigade can also arrange interviews about the action, and the reasons behind it

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